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Building Problems in Hot Climate

Building Problems in Hot Climate

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Nowadays, because of lack of traditional sources of energy and high maintenance cost, building as a one of the major energy consumer and its problems in hot regions become one of the main concerns of architects and designers. Also, there is a growing global interest in the impact of human activities on the environment. With regards to built environment, the primary concern is sustainability in the developments of the building industry and building energy consumption. This implies consideration of the impact of the climate and environment on the building and ultimately the effect of the building’s condition on the occupants. This awareness has initiated many studies related to climatic design to maximize indoor comfort with minimum and efficient use of the energy.Therefore, this book tried to collect building problems by focus on hot regions and provide some precautions related to those problems for planners, architects and others who working with planning and design of the built environment in hot climate zones. In this case building problems in different terms for hot climate areas have been considered.
Energy Efficient Building Design