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Chain of Events

Chain of Events

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This studio researches the term public realm both theoretical and practical.Specially focused on the actual urban conditions of the “Krachtwijk” Transvaal, The Hague. The studio is searching for a new public realm, programmes, urban and/or local strategies for Transvaal. Transvaal is now being restructured, and together with “client” Staedion our research themes will give answers for the problems that Transvaal has. I decided to focus on an urban intervention for the Line 11 zone barrier (Holland Spoor-Scheveningen) to repair the disconnections. Also on the larger scale of the structure of the city The Hague and his history. The Line 11 zone restructures/stitches Transvaal with the Schilderswijk by a lower landscape for the cars and trams. Connected by other platforms. It creates a chain of events that support the public life (and introduces new lifestyles) for Transvaal and the city. The main events are: station, market hall, park, pop stage/cultural centre. The programs are specifically chosen concerning Transvaal, the Transvaler, relation towards the city and introducing new lifestyles into the area. From there on I choose to further work out the popstage/cultural centre.
Design of a lower tram level with a theatre/pop-stage in Transvaal The Hague