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Game Architecture

Game Architecture

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Game is a serious job that is spread out among all human civilizations and animal species. Although it seems to be at the opposite direction of seriousness at first glance, it cannot be denied that game shares the basic fundamental principles with other disciplines, which come surely under the heading “seriousness”.The game and its relations with other disciplines such as art, philosophy, and law are not new concerns among the authorities of the last century. Especially, the researches on the relations between game and the other themes on an interactive basis introduced a prolific field that provided the possibility to analyze the subjects comprehensively. Similar to the others, an investigation into the process of architectural design within the framework of ‘strategic games’ by means of an analysis on a architectural designed project can initiate a new discussion for the designers and enrich the sphere of architectural design in its process.The basic aim of this book is to explore the possible contribution of ‘strategic games’ in understanding architectural design process.
An Investigation into the Process Of Architectural Design Within The Framework of ‘Strategic Games