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Transformation of the Lusignan Houses in the Ottoman Period

Transformation of the Lusignan Houses in the Ottoman Period

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Domestic buildings have important functions in the life of human being, in which houses are the most important buildings among the other types of domestic architectures. The history of house construction covers the very long history of humankind and includes the very diverse plans and designs depending on people’s need and technological developments. At the same time, beside the primary function of houses, houses reflect the cultural as well as artistic characteristics of societies, for this reason, they represent the identity of different ethnic people in the different geographical places but also different ethnic people in the same geographical place. Therefore, they play an important role in the study of history of people and places. This study had been about typology of the Lusignan, Venetian, Ottoman and British historical house in walled cities of Nicosia and Famagusta. This book aims to focus on the daily life and house typologies of the Lusignan and the Ottoman period. After that, the detailed study of the symbioses of two different architectural periods are analyzed including the plan, facade characteristics, construction techniques and materials of these Lusignan houses.
in the Walled Cities of Nicosia and Famagusta in Northern Cyprus