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Parametric Form Finding in Contemporary Architecture

Parametric Form Finding in Contemporary Architecture

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The continuous search for innovative architectural form that follows the corresponding function of a building is being limited by certain rules. As the napkin sketch is being transformed into a building, there are several considerations that take place, that lead sometimes to the degeneration of the basic design idea. The architectural creation has its roots to human experiences, buildings are actually designed like this because they "should" look like this. Human perception is not based on certain forms, but parallelizes form to certain function, as it is used to work like this. Design freedom is based on the denial of such limits. This book focuses on parametric form creation based on specific two-dimensional shapes and is an example of how complexity can occur out of the simplicity of a shape. After all Form Follows Function...or is it Function Follows Form?
The Simplicity Within The Complexity Of Modern Architectural Form