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Buildings as Catalysts in Community Development

Buildings as Catalysts in Community Development

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The research discusses an approach for the redevelopment of existing deteriorated urban areas of value. Existing urban areas deterioration is usually influenced by transformation through time and the related chronological layers’ traces on urban fabric. The study examines the possible role of new projects as catalysts in the development of such areas, it highlights existing areas’ physical and non physical aspects before and after a new project intervention, as a step towards the understanding of catalytic projects effects on existing urban settings. The study aims at the formulation of an approach, preventing new investments from turning into a chaotic act in existing urban areas. The research depends on selected case studies, from Western, Regional and Local experiences. The analysis of the selected case studies helps in formulating a general approach to redevelopment which could be used in other settings and contexts of value.
Monitoring, Evaluating and Enhancing the Interrelation Between Buildings, Settings of Value and Urban Communities.