On Orientation   in The Space of The City

On Orientation in The Space of The City

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The work focuses on the city in its spatial dimension, changing in time and interpreted as integrating other elements and dimensions. It is currently necessary to develop both research disciplines connected with urban morphology and typology, and a new approach to human perceptive abilities in the scale and spatial reality of a city. This work aims at determining essential relations between the legibility of the urban form and the conditions of orientation in the urban space. An investigative level, which is interdisciplinary by nature, concerns a question about human orientation abilities in the space in which they exist. This orientation reaches far into the culture, ordering values and meanings. Compatibility of the orientation, as defined above, in the urban space towards the legibility of the urban form is fundamental. The work features among others the following: - the concept of orientation codes of the urban form, - the notion of spatial orientation and the notion of orientation of the balance in the urban space as a criterion of urban form, - ranges of urban form legibility, - and determinants of form and perception, essential from the point of view of layout.