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Visual Analysis Of Omdurman Residential Architecture

Visual Analysis Of Omdurman Residential Architecture

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In Architecture, visual perception represents the communication between observers and buildings. In this Book, perceptual concepts has been used to perform a quantitative analysis for visual identity and form character. Omdurman has been chosen as a case study for its importance as the cultural heart of Sudan. The traditional residential architecture of Omdurman (especially mud Architecture) represents the local architecture in the region. A mathematical model has been applied to judge the visual performance using logarithmic equations to precisely calculate visual forces in the field of view for the samples, using the results as a guide to develop the visual relationship of form elements maintaining the local visual identity. The major objective was to present the magnificence of the hidden visual values, and the uniqueness of Sudanese architecture represented in the houses of Omdurman and the way they fit in their surrounding environment.
Visual Characteristics and Dynamics