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Fiber Composite Adaptive Systems

Fiber Composite Adaptive Systems

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In the recent years, architectural structures are envisioned to be complex organizations exhibiting highly performative capabilities through mimicking natural organisms and processes. Current research in this field explores dynamic smart systems which are adaptable into efficient configurations corresponding to multiple factors such as the user, functional requirements andthe environment. While, the existing smart systems are made of aggregated actuating components assembled and externally controlled, a more integrated approach to self-organization as observed in nature is endeavored. For example, in a leaf the veins account for its form, structural strength and nourishment, nevertheless they are an integral part of the sensing and the actuation function. This process of coherent self-autonomous multi-functionality could be termed as‘Integrated functionality''. Emulating such a morpho-mechanical system through embedding self-actuating shape memory alloys in a fibre composite architectural envelope is the core of this research.This book would be useful for architects and designers involved in biomimicry, responsive environments, intelligent materials and emergent systems.
A manifesto into self-actuating potentials of fiber composite structures embedded with shape memory alloy actuators