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Connection to Nature at the Building Edge

Connection to Nature at the Building Edge

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Dr. Chalfont creates therapeutic care environments for people with dementia, especially designed to provide the benefits of nature and the outdoors. His design philosophy promotes activity with meaning and purpose, for rehabilitation and wellbeing, regardless of disability or impairment. His landscapes are normal, familiar garden spaces that inspire, and entice residents and staff outside. Designs are informed by time spent understanding daily life in care environments. He works with staff, families and management to improve the quality of care through training, support and enhancing the physical environment. By integrating the design of landscape and architecture, his designs enable optimal use of both indoors and outdoors for connection to nature. Built projects include day care, residential care, nursing care and hospital settings. Dr. Chalfont is published and acknowledged internationally for his expertise on design and his efforts to evolve care practice and management. His book “Design for Nature in Dementia Care” (Jessica Kingsley, 2008) was recently translated as “Naturgestutzte Therapie” (Huber, 2010) for therapeutic horticulture practice in Germany. www.chalfontdesign.com
Towards a Therapeutic Architecture for Dementia Care Environments