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Low-energy passive solar residence in Austin, Texas

Low-energy passive solar residence in Austin, Texas

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Abruptly 40% of the world has hot-humid climate. In hot-humid climate, the wide span of temperature and humidity cause architectural designers a huge trouble to design a non-air conditioned built environment, if they have to design to provide optimum thermal comfort throughout the year. Therefore, from the ages, in every civilization , it has been an eternal challenge for designers, to design a thermally comfortable built environment for the climatic condition. In 1980s with the invention of mechanical ventilation the world changed; it erased the history- old architectural research to search the optimum inside building comfort by passive solar design. Now, it''s time to oil our history-old research to find the way the design for the optimum comfort by only design. Two major issues – temperature and humidity; to solve them I''ve chosen the wind and the sun. For wind power, I conceptualized a wind catcher; and to get the maximum use of the sun I designed a concave glass wall to absorb the highest amount of solar radiation. From a simple simulation of the design in Autodesk® Ecotect® showed more than fifty percent of reduction of discomfort degree hours.
Finding out the possibility to reduce discomfort hours in house using solar chimney, natural ventilation and dual facade in hot-humid climate