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Restorative Nature

Restorative Nature

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As more empirical studies have quickly accumulated in the field of human-environment interaction, results from research have provided evidences pointing to the beneficial influences of natural landscapes on humans. Findings have indicated that contact with nature, either physically or visually, can promote positive emotion, physiology, cognition, behavior, restoration, and health. Through literature review, this book provides an overview of the intuitive beliefs in the positive effects of nature, relevant theories, and empirical findings from research since 1972. The findings of 126 empirical studies are further categorized by research methodologies: survey, experiment, and quasi-experiment. This is done in the hope that the value and benefits of contact with nature might be better understood and accepted. The author wishes that the positive influences of natural landscapes can be utilized to greater effect in providing settings that are more conducive to human well- being. This book can be a starting and helpful point of entry for academics, practitioners, and the general public into literature on the positive influences of natural landscapes on humans.
An Overview of the Positive Influences of Natural Landscapes on Humans