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The Reborn Street Life of the Traditional Community

The Reborn Street Life of the Traditional Community

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As globalization sweep across the world, it has transformed many cities, especially in developing countries into modern metropolises. Starved for space, those cities expanded outward and turned many traditional neighborhoods, which was home to cultural memory into rubble. Is there a possibility of ensuring economic and social development, as well as preserving positive aspects in the traditional neighborhoods? The streets, not only act as a skeleton of the city for land distribution, but also serve as the social framework for neighborhoods. If the public streets promote interpersonal connection in neighborhoods, how can they be more than a passage for traffic? How can the public and private spaces of contemporary neighborhoods be organized to reflect traditional street life that promotes interpersonal and neighborhood interaction? My research is aimed at preserving the character of the traditional street life within the contemporary needs of economic growth and higher density requirements.
in the Urban Reform