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Revivification of Newcastle Gateshead Quayside (GQII Site)

Revivification of Newcastle Gateshead Quayside (GQII Site)

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Quaysides and old industrial sites all over the world in the past were usually deserted,bringing vitality back to the region will boost the economy of the local community.In the case of this project, Gateshead local council had realized this fact and that is why the council had thrown the challenges of redeveloping the quayside to the professionals in and out of the Gateshead.The fact remains that standalone activities as seen in the Sage and the Baltic are not enough to raise the vitality and tourist ability of the site, but series of coordinated,connected and coherent activities that are family friendly and have socioeconomic values. Sustainable redevelopment of the site to accommodate and support people to live, work and recreate in form of mixed use development will increase the socioeconomic value of the quayside.This book is majorly about the reawakening of the old industrial quaysides, deserted downtown industrial regions and it can be seen as a tool for redevelopment. It will serve as a good reading to the students of urban design and planning,to individuals who are interested in regenerations and also a reference to the practicing urban designers.
Towards a sustainable development of the Newcastle Gateshead Quayside