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Back to a Water City

Back to a Water City

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As a city located in delta area, the dense water network is the most important identity for Huzhou City. Now, the urban expansion and densification have completely changed the relationship between water and urban space. Admittedly, the new urbanization will improve the living condition of the local residents and stimulate the regional economy. However, if it's carried out according to the current plan, this goal is achieved with a sacrifice of other important qualities such as water condition, flood storage capacity, local identity, traditional culture, etc.Currently, the government has made great efforts for dealing with the potential threats and carried out a series of projects, such as water defense projects, river cleaning projects. This project will mainly focus on the new urban area, to see how to develop a sustainable living typology by re-achieving the good relationship between water and city.
search for a sustainable living typology in new developed area of Huzhou City