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Nanotechnology in Architecture

Nanotechnology in Architecture

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It is not a secret that the teaching of a nanotechnology course will soon be required in most engineering and architecture curricula. It is also generally accepted as one of the key state-of-theart courses in architecture. The need to develop an understanding of this general subject matter for architects of the future cannot be questioned. The research is in different disciplines and the basic and applied research is often not in step. The intent of this book is therefore to connect science and technology under the umbrella of nanotechnology in order to design and build practical and innovative materials and devices from the nanoscale upward. Nanoarchitecture is fast becoming a cross-cutting field where architects, chemists, physicists, engineers and environmentalists work together to improve society through nanotechnology. This book was a unique undertaking about nanotechnology in architecture.
Nanomaterial, Nanostructure, Nanotechnology, Nanoarchitecture