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Evolution Of Contemporary Living

Evolution Of Contemporary Living

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'Living' touches all our most intimate and primordial needs, it is 'being at home', it is relax, it is leisure. Moreover, living has the family environment as its milestone. Eventually, talking about living cannot ignore the problematic of the city, of the dwelling at a larger scale, of the aggregation of living units. Living is thus read as the object of an architecture that not only makes space, not only buildings, but that makes and generates memory and identity. This dissertation gives an overview of contemporary living – both in the formal and in the informal world – trying to answer three main questions. The first question is 'if' it is still an important issue, or if everything has already been told. The second question is 'which' living interests us, that means pointing out the main characteristics of contemporary living. The last question is 'where' contemporary living can be found, where such characters of novelty, heterogeneity, versatility that interest this research lie.
Towards Heterogeneity And Networks Of Individualities