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Housing for Low-Income Workers in Developing Countries:

Housing for Low-Income Workers in Developing Countries:

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This book highlights key features of housing in developing countries particularly for low-income workers. It presents a study of the housing situation of low-income government workers in Ado-Ekiti, the capital city of Ekiti State in Nigeria. The aim of the study was to identify strategies and the functional approach for adequately housing low-income government workers through public sector intervention. The research identified core areas of public sector intervention instrumental in achieving its goal. These included the stimulation and sensitisation of the private sector into greater participation in housing delivery as the research findings showed that the two sectors (public and private) were intricately intertwined in housing delivery and were thus inseparable. The public sector had a definite role to play in ensuring the optimum performance of the private sector for the development of the housing market. The public sector had to reorganize the housing finance sector, and ensure proper performance of public infrastructure and services.
A Nigerian Case Study