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Web Based OOP Domain Ontology (WOOPDO)

Web Based OOP Domain Ontology (WOOPDO)

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Nowadays, ontologies have become a relevant representation formalism and many application domains are considering adopting them. This attention claims for methods for reusing domain knowledge resources in the development of domain ontologies. Accordingly, in this work we discuss a general methodology to create domain ontology for more than one Object Oriented Programming Language (OOPL) like Java, PHP and C++. By creating domain Ontology for OOPL, we can Improve methods of viewing and organizing information, improve the way of processing data, in addition to increasing the vocabulary and their relationship to terminology as well as the rules used in natural language with OOP languages. The clear identification of the properties and relations of terms is the starting point to become Ontology domain. The importance of the domain Ontology among object oriented programming languages is that through the synthesis of these relationships or Ontology an OOP can be achieved through web by any one using OOPL.
Domain Ontology for Object Oriented Programming Language