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Cause for Concern: Results-Oriented Cause Marketing

Cause for Concern: Results-Oriented Cause Marketing

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When it effectively partners businesses with charitable organizations, cause marketing creates a win-win-win situation. The nonprofit gets income it would not otherwise receive. The business is viewed in a positive light while serving more customers. And customers see new funds benefit their favorite cause or charity. In this insightful book, noted authority Stephen M. Adler expertly describes how cause marketing works, why it makes sense for businesses, and how to make a profit using cause marketing. He also includes in-depth discussions on ethical issues and considerations of cause marketing. Drawing from years of experience, Adler offers thorough treatment of the ins and outs of cause marketing, speaking not only to business concerns but also to broader social and economic themes, making this an excellent resource for executives, marketers, as well as leaders and volunteers within the nonprofit sector.