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Alice Wood never imagined her dream vacation would end up like this. Instead of cruising along the Rhine, Main, and Danube Rivers sipping champagne with her fiance, she's stuck on an 8-person boat, no fiance in sight, and cramped in a "romantic" suite for two with a strange (yet mysteriously handsome) British aristocrat. When her fiance, Patrick, called off their wedding (and their relationship) only days before their cruise, Alice was hurt and confused. But her friends convinced her that she needed to go - afterall, she'd paid $4,000 for it, and Patrick wasn't going to use his ticket. A cruise for one in a luxurious cabin may be just what she needs... Instead, she finds that Patrick sold his ticket to a friend, the handsome Elliot, an aspiring author who needs this time alone to write - and to get away from his mother who is determined to set him up with a wife. Can the free-spirited Alice and the rigid, aristrocratic Elliot stand each other in these tight quarters, despite an attraction they both feel, or will they find exactly what they need in each other? And what will happen when Patrick, determined to win Alice back, stands on the dock when the boat comes to shore?
Fiction - Romance - General