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Based on their Invesco workshop "Your Prosperity Picture," Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng bring an interactive, fun, and motivating plan to women looking to take control of their finances. Too often, financial advisors focus only on managing their clients' money, and ignore how attending to their goals can change their financial lives. Whether a woman dreams of paying for her children's college education or of purchasing a sailboat, Rogin and Kueng provide a clear, 7 step process that takes anyone from envisioning a personal definition of financial success, to designing a plan, to ultimately achieving the goal. Their fun voice, emphasis on positive thinking, and sound advice based on years of experience as professional financial advisors will guide any woman through the confusing world of personal finance. Ellen Rogin and Lisa Kueng help women see the financial planning process as inspirational, full of possibility, and ultimately a powerful tool that can help them live the life they've imagined.
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