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When renowned happiness and behavior expert Paul Dolan, PhD, was a child, he had a stutter that made him quite miserable. But eventually he realized the reason he was so unhappy was simply that he gave the problem so much of his attention. This insight set in motion Dr. Dolan's revolutionary research into our search for happiness. Unlike other schools of thought that ask you to change the way you think (which will usually fail), HAPPINESS BY DESIGN draws on the author's training as an economist to change what we do. By designing our lives in ways that direct our attention to what really makes us happy, we can find happiness without having to look for it. Attention is the glue that holds our lives together and it's in our power to shift our attention to the things that make us feel better. The same inputs--money, your marriage, sex, weight, the size of your house, stuttering--can affect your happiness a lot or a little depending on how much attention you pay to them. While other happiness books dictate a program without defining happiness, HAPPINESS BY DESIGN combines the latest insights from economics and psychology with Dr. Dolan's original theory to define happiness as experiences of pleasure (like watching a favorite TV show) and purpose (like having fulfilling work). Each of us has our own optimal balance, and the book shows readers how to find it. Introducing cutting-edge research, innovative strategies, and interactive questionnaires, Dr. Dolan also reveals the three major obstacles to our happiness and how to overcome them. He integrates these lessons into a practical plan for deciding (getting feedback from our day-to-day experiences), designing (shaping your lifestyle to be happier without having to think too hard about it), and doing (avoiding distraction from your happiness-enhancing experiences). With its compelling new findings and lively anecdotal evidence--from parenthood to weightlifting to TV quiz shows--HAPPINESS BY DESIGN gives us a thought-provoking new paradigm for the way we live.
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