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When salespeople are promoted, switch jobs, or face new business conditions, they need to learn lots of new information and skills quickly. It's a daunting task, compounded by the fact that they're under intense pressure to deliver immediate results. What sales guru Jill Konrath calls agile selling is the ability to quickly learn all this new info and then leverage it for maximum impact. Having an agile mind-set, one that keeps you going through challenging times, is the crucial starting point. You also need a rapid-learning plan that helps you establish situational credibility with your targeted or existing customers in just thirty days. In Agile Selling, you'll discover numerous strategies to help you become an overnight sales expert, slashing your path to proficiency. In Agile Selling you'll discover exactly what you need to do to be successful in the shortest possible time. "Are you looking for ways to out-earn your competitors? Out-learn them. At warp speed. Buy the book for Jill's helpful tips on how to do so." CustomerThink "This is a significant contribution to our field of sales effectiveness. . . . Jill's writing is superb. She explains a complicated subject in easy-to-understand terms." Sales Benchmark Index
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