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What do thin people do and know and believe that we don't? With his signature authority, colorful storytelling, and real-life "putting it into action" three-week plan, Harper draws on the new scientific research of behavioral economics, mindset, habit replacement, and the therapeutic methods of cognitive behavioral psychology to answer that question, concluding that skinny people have six core traits in common, attributes that anyone can make their own with Harper's help: 1. Skinny people are good "contingency scripters." 2. Skinny people have a positive health identity and belief system. 3. Skinny people have re-engineered their environment. 4. Skinny people have humility. 5. Skinny people have good sleep hygiene. 6. Skinny people dress for success. Skinny Habits is the ultimate "contingency script": habit formation instructions for adopting and internalizing the secrets of thin!
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