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Foodie Top 100 Restaurants

Foodie Top 100 Restaurants

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Glam Media presents 100 of the world's best restaurants, selected by top food critics and foodie editors including Samir Arora, publisher, editor and CEO of Glam Media, former New York Times food critic Patricia Wells, New York Magazine's Gael Greene and Japan's first food critic, Masuhiro Yamamoto. Bringing food lovers the most reservation-worthy cuisine from four continents, The Foodie Top 100 Restaurants is for the fine-dining enthusiast who doesn't want to rely on the crowd-sourced reviews and anonymously-compiled directories that have, until now, attempted to define the best. Detailed accounts of the most iconic and innovative menus, ambiance and service, are accompanied by critics' tips, colour photographs and bonus lists of the top 100 restaurants in Europe, the United States, France, Europe and Asia.