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Woodworking Wisodom & Know-How

Woodworking Wisodom & Know-How

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Woodworking Wisdom & Know-How covers everything related to woodworking in one complete, all-encompassing book. Sections are organised by topic including Fundamental Techniques, Tools and Safety, Types of Wood, Building Rustic Furniture, Wooden Toy Projects, Easy Projects for Kids, Weekend Projects and Woodcarving. Each section is further broken down into chapters that cover specific projects and crafts, both easy and advance, each with step-by-step instructions for projects. Includes hundreds of individual techniques and projects such as Choosing Plywood; Cutting Dovetails; Building a Look-Inside Birdhouse; Relief Carving; Constructing a Classic Bed; Handheld Power Tools; Building a Cherry Chest of Drawers; Milling Lumber Four-Square; Fashioning a Shaker-style Clock; and much more. Also included are essential resources for supplies, tools and materials.