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Animal Tales: Step Two: B1.1 (+ CD)

Animal Tales: Step Two: B1.1 (+ CD)

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Animal Tales is a collection of five amusing stories - "The Elephant's Child", "Pigs is Pigs", "Mrs Packletide's Tiger", "The Stolen White Elephant" and "The Shameful Behaviour of a Fox Terrier".
Read these short stories and you will discover why elephants have trunks, how it's best to work out the correct price for pigs straight away and what happened to an English lady when she went hunting for a tiger! You will also find a stolen elephant, and see how much trouble a small dog can make!
  • Wide range of activities on the four skills;
  • PET-style activities;
  • Trinity-style activities (Grade 4);
  • Informative dossiers on Elephants and Tigers;
  • Internet projects;
  • Exit test with answer key;
  • Text recorded in full.
  • Прилагаемый к изданию диск CD пакован в специальный бумажный конверт и вложен внутрь книги.