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Job Scheduling for SAP

Job Scheduling for SAP

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Manual operations are now a thing of the past! This much anticipated book helps you discover how to automate process chains in your IT systems and optimize the performance of your most important business applications. After a comprehensive technical introduction to the origin of rules-based, decentralized job schedulers, readers learn about the requirements and interfaces, which allow external job schedulers to work with SAP applications, including the key advantages and disadvantages of each of these solutions. You'll then be introduced to the powerful new centralized job scheduling functionalities provided by SAP NetWeaver with "SAP Central Job Scheduling by Redwood". With practical advice on the installation and deployment processes, and complete details on the objects, principles, and processes used by this solution, the authors ensure that all of your toughest questions are answered. In addition, readers uncover critical architectural details and exclusive technical/operational insights that cannot be found elsewhere. The authors provide operators, as well as developers, with practical, real-world advice to drastically enhance standard installation and configuration guides. Special attention is paid to both individual CCMS and SAP BI jobs as well as to integration methods for these enterprise-level job chains. Best Practices and lessons learned from real-world case studies ensure that this book leaves no stone unturned. Highlights Include: Technical basics of job scheduling Decentralized and centralized job scheduling solutions for SAP environments SAP job scheduling interfaces, including the new Java scheduling interface Installation aspects, hints and tricks Principles and processes of SAP Central Job Scheduling by Redwood and Redwood Cronacle Best practices for long-term operation of your job scheduling solution Customer case studies much more!
1st edition