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Wilton Ranges

Wilton Ranges

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Excerpt from Wilton Ranges: Corns and Bunions

Place a layer of potato and onion in the kettle, then a layer of fish, dredge lightly with salt, pepper, and flour; continue adding alternate layers of potato, fish, and seasoning until all is used; then add hot water enough to cover; boil gently one-half hour tightly covered; add a pint of milk and six crackers, split and dipped in cold water, and cook ten minutes more.

Baked Shad. - Take some breadcrumbs. chopped parsley, butter, pepper, and salt, and mix them up with beaten yolk of egg. Fill the shad with this dressing, tic a string around it, put in a pan with a little water, lace some pieces of butter over the fish, and bake. Onion can be added according to taste.

Steamed Fish. - Cut off the head and tail; wash the fish, salt and lay it on a plate in a steamer, and cook till done. Then remove carefully to a platter, after having taken off the skin. Serve with drawn butter made as follows: Two heaping teaspoon-fuls of flour, mixed well with a piece of butter the size of an egg. Pour on enough boiling water to make it the consistency of cream.

Fish Balls. - Boil together for about one-half hour, one quart of sliced potatoes pared, and one large cupful of salt fish. Mash, and add two tablespoonfuls of cream or milk, with a small piece of butter size of an egg, and one egg; beat together with a spoon; then have the fat boiling hot, drop a tablespoonful of the mixture into the hot fat. Bo not use the hands to make them into balls, or flour.


Broiling. - In broiling two things are very essential: a bright, hot bed of coals and the entire attention of i he person performing the operation. A poor fire dries the meat, rather than cooks. The meat should be frequently turned, to avoid burning and to enable it to become cooked through without doing the outside too much. If the cook is attempting to broil the meat
and dish up the remainder of the meal at the same time, the broiling will be neglected and the meat scorched. By following the above directions you will ensure a well-cooked meat.

Roast Meat. - In roasting any kind of meat place half a dozen medium-sized, pared potatoes around the roast on the grate in the pan, and when basting the meat baste the potatoes also. When done they will be a rich brown color and arc of superb flavor.

Roast Beef. - In roasting beef, if an onion is placed on the too of the meat during cooking, it will add greatly to its flavor. It should be removed before serving.

Ham. - Boil a ham in Clearwater one hour or more, according to size; take it out of the water and rub it off with a clean cloth and remove the skin; put it in a kettle, pour wine over it, and keep it closely covered, steadily boiling one hour. It is very nice browned in an oven half an hour with brown sugar sprinkled over it.

Boiled Ham. - Wash a ham nicely in warm water; rub it well with a wet cloth. Have a kettle filled with cold water and put your ham in; let it boil slowly at first, and then boil briskly. Turn in the pot occasionally, allowing four hours to thoroughly cook a ten-pound ham; three hours for a small one.

Baked Ham. - For baking take a small- or medium-sized ham, trimmed and made into good shape. The evening previous to cooking soak in a pan of hot water three or four hours; in the morning make a stiff paste of rye meal mixed with water, and cover the ham entirely with the paste; bake five to six hours in a moderate oven. When done remove the crust, take off the skin, and dredge with powdered bread-crumbs. A ham can scarcely be cooked too much or too slowly. Save the skin entire to cover the cold ham when it is put away in the pantry.

Madeira Ham. - Take a ham of fine quality, lay it in hot water, soak a day and a night, changing the water several times, washing out the pan each lime.
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