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Imperial Frans from the Hermitage: The Fan Museum

Imperial Frans from the Hermitage: The Fan Museum

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The Fan Museum welcomes this unique opportunity of showing to a world wide audience, fans which have never before been seen by members of the public outside Russia. The poetry and glamour of their provenance is undisputed, making this collection one of the most exciting assemblages of fans associated with Imperial Russia from as early as the time of Peter the Great (1672 - 1725).
The earliest fans in this exhibition are those which might well have been brought home from Holland, England or France by the visiting monarch, Peter the Great, this remarkable man whose interests lay in such a wide variety of fields, and whose stay in the shipyards of Deptford and Greenwich resulted in the building of the Russian Navy. It is therefore fitting, and most appropriate, that the earlier fans (in this exhibition) which were possibly used at the Court of Peter the Great (and certainly at the Court of his daughter Elizabeth) should appear for the first time in Greenwich, at the first, and to date the only fan museum in the world.

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