On Islamic  Art

On Islamic Art

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The expression 'Islamic Art' is at once both simple and complicated. Generally speaking, it refers to the art made by people who profess the faith of Islam. But whether we can make a strict definition of such a thing as an artistic phenomenon has both raised, and continues to raise, serious doubts among researchers and writers. Some of them prefer to see more worldly origins for art, in terms of the culture from which it emerges. Others support the notion of the continuity of a specific 'national' culture which is determined by having a common language or territory.
The characteristics of Islamic art are: abstract designs, a wealth of rich decoration, and a tendency to avoid of human or animal shapes. This may be summarized in one single and all-embracing expression: the language of Islamic art. Many of the details may or may not be immediately linked with the ideological foundations of the culture, or cultures, of Islamic peoples, through the religion. It is a double connection: Islam has determined the appearance of certain features, such as abstract design, and in their turn many of the features of art serve as unobtrusive and often hazy propaganda for the basic values of the Islamic way of life.
Nothing shows so clearly the unique nature of Islamic art as a comparison with the pre-Islamic heritage of Syria, Egypt and Iran. Because so much remains, it can easily be seen how within a short period an entirely new artistic language has developed. The origins of this language remain a mystery.

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