Global Supply Chain Management (The Globalization of the World Economy)

Global Supply Chain Management (The Globalization of the World Economy)

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'The global supply chain has become a vital part of a firm's value chain, especially with the increase of internal outsourcing in recent years. This volume explores the many dimensions of managing the global supply chains common in multinational firms today. It makes important contributions to the scholarly literature as well as to practice in this critical area of business. This volume is a must read for aspiring and established scholars and thoughtful executives.' - Michael A. Hitt, Texas A&M University, US

'Global Supply Chain Management presents innovative strategies and best practices for improving global supply chain performance. It offers excellent opportunity to understand and develop strategy for global supply chain integration across company and supply base. A highly relevant and insightful book.' - Subhash Jain, University of Connecticut, US

Global Supply Chain Management brings together in two authoritative volumes the best and most interesting academic work on global supply chain management from international business and international management, marketing, strategic management, operations management, purchasing and supply management, and economics.

It includes the various theories, levels of analysis, concepts, and empirical trends that have come to shape our understanding of this recently emerged area of research. The questions it answers include 'In what way do buyer-supplier relations differ across countries', 'What are the consequences of offshore sourcing for firms, industries, and countries', 'How should firms manage cultural differences between themselves and their suppliers', and 'How can firms use global SCM to improve their performance'.

This book will be an invaluable resource to any academic researcher or student with an interest in global SCM, but is also accessible enough and useful for practitioners who deal with this topic at a strategic or tactical level.