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Marketing Tools for Business Executives

Marketing Tools for Business Executives

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John L. Fortenberry, Jr.'s Marketing Tools for Business Executives serves as an indispensable reference for any business executive seeking guidance in marketing. Written for business executives from the perspective of the marketing professional, Dr. Fortenberry presents a series of thirty essential marketing tools and demonstrates their application in the business environment.

The tools presented in this work range from time-tested marketing management classics to new models that will undoubtedly become classics in time. Examples include the Product Life Cycle; the Booz, Allen, & Hamilton New Product Process; Theodore Levitt's Total Product Concept; the Calder & Reagan Brand Design Model; Kevin Lane Keller's Brand Report Card; the Boston Consulting Group's Growth/Share Matrix; Igor Ansoff's Product-Market Expansion Grid; Philip Kotler's Segment-by-Segment Invasion Plan; the Perceptual Map; Everett Rogers' Diffusion of Innovations Model; Michael Porter's Five Forces Model; Leonard Berry's Success Sustainability Model; the Ries & Trout Marketing Warfare Strategies; and the Blake & Mouton Sales Grid

Each chapter of this work focuses on a specific marketing tool and, if desired, can be read as a stand-alone document---a convenience that greatly increases the utility of Marketing Tools for Business Executives. For those who are new to marketing or possibly in need of refreshing their understanding of the discipline, a brief introduction is offered in the appendix of this book. A glossary of marketingterminology is also included at the conclusion of this work. For business executives seeking their own personal understanding of marketing, Marketing Tools for Business Executives is simply indispensable.