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MyGrammarLab: Elementary A1/A2 (аудиокурс на 3 CD) without Key

MyGrammarLab: Elementary A1/A2 (аудиокурс на 3 CD) without Key

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MyGrammarLab is a unique blend of book, online and mobile resources that ensures you have all the information and practice you need to master English grammar.
- Easy-to-understand explanations using the Longman Defining Vocabulary -a simple vocabulary of just 2000 words
- Topic-based modules and natural examples showing grammar in use
- Information on common errors and how to avoid making them
- Information on the pronunciation of grammar items
- Practice exercises for every unit
- Review sections to consolidate learning
- Exit tests to check understanding
- Grammar Check and full glossary of grammar terms for quick grammar reference.
- Video presentations of key grammar points
- Additional practice for every unit
- Diagnostic, progress and exit tests to monitor progress
- Catch-up exercises to ensure the grammar has been learnt
- Automatic grading and feedback
- Pronunciation practice on the grammar of spoken English to improve fluency
- Recorded answers for exercises to give listening practice
- Grammar practice for key international exams.
- Download exercises to your mobile phone for practice away from your computer.