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Voice and Video Conferencing Fundamentals

Voice and Video Conferencing Fundamentals

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Master the fundamentals of building a voice and video conferencing network with guidance from industry leaders at Cisco

  • Learn the fundamentals of building voice and video conferencing capabilities into your network infrastructure
  • Understand the use of different protocols, including when to use them and how
  • Master other essential system needs, including establishing adequate security safeguards
  • Learn from industry leaders at Cisco

    In past years, video conferencing has been something of a novelty. There has been a certain tolerance for quality problems as audio and video conferencing moves more into the mainstream. Customers and end-users will demand greater performance, relability, security, and scalability from their systems. Voice and Video Conferencing Fundamentals provides you with in-depth insight into the conferencing technologies and associated protocols. The information provided will enable Information Technology managers and engineers to understand basic concepts of video conferencing. Understanding the characteristics of video streams, encoding/decoding schemes, and features are important aspects of deployment. The valuable information found in this book will be extremely helpful during implementation and when performing vendor evaluations and making buying decisions. The book presents the architectural and technology basics of implementing audio and video conferencing over IP networks. Written by technical leaders who have years of experience in voice and video conferencing systems at Cisco Systems, this book delivers the most authoritative coverage of the conferencing technologies. You will find very clear discussions on the concepts and principles of audio and video conferencing systems. More comprehensive coverage is given for the advanced video architectures, such as emerging video codecs, audio/video synchronization, and distributed implementations.
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