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Emergent School Leaders: Biographies of Multiple Identity Development

Emergent School Leaders: Biographies of Multiple Identity Development

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This book examines the notion of 'emergence' when used to refer to emergent school leaders (also called middle leaders). Who are these leaders in UK schools? Do they aspire to 'emerge' as leaders and, if so, into what? The 5 leaders who participated in the longitudinal study reported (4 female; 1 male) were working in primary, middle and secondary schools in the South and East of England. They were all classroom teachers with some leadership responsibility who agreed to discuss with a single interviewer - the author - their motivations, work and aspirations over 2-3 years. These accounts were analysed by thinking about their identity development through three dimensions: imagination, alignment and engagement (drawing on the work of Etienne Wenger). The leaders' reported experiences revealed multiple identity development. Not all aspired to senior leadership in schools. Even the three who most consciously did, might still make alternative choices in the future. Two aspired to working in a community or team. One left teaching during the study. The most crucial factor in their development was talk - talk with other professionals, with family, friends and even the interviewer.
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