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Meltdown Inside the Soviet Economy

Meltdown Inside the Soviet Economy

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We are pleased that the Cato Institute is publishing the Institute for Political Economy's first book. We are very grateful to Edward H.Crane and David Boaz for their interest and editorial help. We very much admire the integrity of Cato's voice and are pleased to be part of their program.
We are grateful to the Institute for Political Economy's donors and trustees who have supported this project. The Institute for Political Economy is fortunate in having a diverse group of supporters with different interests who fund independent research.
In particular, we would like to thank George Champion for his leadership of our Board of Trustees, Bill Simon for his leadership of our Advisory Board, and Sir James Goldsmith and Ambassador Evan Galbraith for leading our Political Economy Council. The generosity of Jack Stephens, Roger Milliken, Robert Krieble, the Olin Foundation, the Earhart Foundation, the ADM Foundation, the J.M. Foundation, the Grace Foundation, and other donors, whose support we are privileged to have, made this book possible.
The staff of the Soviet and East European Studies Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies cheerfully helped us with various details of Soviet information.