One or Three? The Witnesses and Me

One or Three? The Witnesses and Me

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I just stood there. Not only were their beliefs completely foreign to anything I'd heard before, but they had so much evidence. I had always heard that they don't have a leg to stand on, so why was I the legless one? Things they'd said and questions they'd asked were still circling around in my head days after their visit; round and round they went, looking for a place to rest. Wasn't I the one who was supposed to leave them with questions they couldn't answer?

Looking back now, it's clear what happened. While the Jehovah's Witnesses were well schooled by The Watchtower in what I was likely to say and how they should reply, I didn't have a clue what they would say much less how to reply. It's different now, though. The Witnesses seldom come to my home anymore, but when they do knock on the door, I'm prepared. Showing them one of the places where The Watchtower and Bible disagree is all it takes. They don't stay.

One or Three? The Witnesses and Me has been written to share what I've discovered over the years about the Trinity and how I found my way through the maze of information the Witnesses have on the subject. My hope and prayer is that this will help others prepare for their knocks.

Hopefully many will be able to come together and help the Witnesses see where The Watchtower and Bible disagree.

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