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New Penthouse Design

New Penthouse Design

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To live in a penthouse is to enjoy an exceptional place. The advent of the elevator, invented in the mid 19th century, brought with it a change in priorities when choosing where to live. Without the need for any physical effort to reach the top floor, penthouses saw a change in status and became highly desirable property. From a penthouse the point of view over a city changes. It can now be observed from great height and be felt and experienced differently from when we are walking in its streets. These constructions are often bathed in light and boast excellent views. Also, on many occasions, penthouses offer terraces or other outdoor spaces, which add value to the home. This selection presents modern and innovative penthouses, which harmonize wih the personality of the inhabitants and which have been designed to take full advantage of their special characteristics.

Предисловие к изданию на английском, французском, немецком, испанском, итальянском языках..

Формат: 16,5 см х 18,5 см.