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The Hidden Face Of Technology

The Hidden Face Of Technology

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The Hidden Face of Technology discusses the databases that are kept by organisations and governments and the personal information that is stored and exchanged in order to catalogue and monitor us all. The author has included details about the potential misuse of technology that is now in place and used by many companies, law enforcement agencies and government departments. He describes how legislation is being changed to support these technologies and the new policies that are trying to be implemented. Learn how using your loyalty card in a supermarket could effect your council tax. Find out what personal information is gathered from you each time you shop or go on the internet and how it is openly traded between other organisations, police and governments. Learn how school library fingerprinting could implicate your shild in future crimes. There are more CCTV cameras watching you in Britian than any other country in the world. Each school provides the government with over forty pieces of information about your child. Every email you send and receive is canned. Your internet browsing is monitored and recorded. Your buying and shopping habits are recorded. Your car number plate will be recorded and checked against 40 databases each time you refuel. Do we really live in a free country?