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Strategic Brand Management

Strategic Brand Management

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"Strategic Brand Management" approaches the subject of brand management from a unique combination of sociological and cultural perspectives. This approach provides students with an understanding of the dynamics of the subject and enables them to engage with the issues that lie within. The book integrates more traditional notions of the brand, such as equity and positioning, within this innovative framework. The framework also allows the separation of a brand's concept into functional and emotional parts, looking at purchases that fulfil a functional need and how these develop into emotional decision-making processes.
Building on a solid theoretical underpinning, this textbook provides a rigorous grounding in the subject of brand management. Packed with numerous examples of well-known brands including IKEA, Standard Life, Coca-Cola, and EasyJet; case studies on companies and brands such as MasterCard, Andrex, Nescafe Gold Blend, and Hennessy Cognac; and featuring a wealth of images, students are able to understand the practical application of the theory, ensuring a holistic appreciation of the subject.