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Introduction to Economic Reasoning (7th Edition) (Addison-Wesley Series in Economics)

Introduction to Economic Reasoning (7th Edition) (Addison-Wesley Series in Economics)

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KEY MESSAGE: With a goal of encouraging readers to become informed decision-makers, Introduction to Economic Reasoning, Seventh Edition, provides a non-technical, concise introduction to basic economic theories that is ideal for a short introduction to economics.

Introduction: Scarcity and the Economic System: The Study of Economics; Economic Systems. Microeconomics: Markets, Prices, and the Role of Competition: Demand and Supply: Price Determination in Competitive Markets; Applications using Demand and Supply; Costs and Decision Making; Price Taking: The Purely Competitive Firm; Price Searching: The Firm with Market Power; Industry Structure and Public Policy; Market Failure. Macroeconomics: The Economy as a Whole: Measuring Aggregate Performance; Aggregate Demand and Supply: The Model of the Self-Correcting Economy; Fiscal Policy; Money, Banking, and Monetary Policy; The Activist-Nonactivist Debate; Economic Growth: The Importance of the Long Run. International Economics: Trade, Exchange Rates, and the Role of Trade Agreements: International Trade.

For all readers interested in one-semester economics.