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Economics of Macro Issues, The (3rd Edition)

Economics of Macro Issues, The (3rd Edition)

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KEY MESSAGE: The Economics of Macro Issues is a collection of brief, relevant readings that spark independent thinking and classroom discussions in principles of economics courses.

The Miracle of Economic Growth: Rich Nation, Poor Nation; Return of the Luddites: Technophobia and Economic Growth; The Dragon and the Tigers: Economic Growth in Asia; Immigrants and Economic Growth; Outsourcing and Economic Growth; Poverty and Economic Growth. The Business Cycle, Unemployment, and Inflation: What’s in a Word? Plenty, If It’s the a€?Ra€? Word; The Case of the Disappearing Workers; The Graying of the Workforce; The Problem with Deflation; The Problem with Inflation; Measuring GDP. Fiscal Policy: The Return of Big Government; The Myths of Social Security; Macro Disasters; The Brain Gain; Tax Cuts: When They Matter, When They Don’t; Simplifying the Federal Tax System (Don’t Hold Your Breath); Raising the Debt Ceilinga€”What’s a Few of Trillion Dollars, More or Less?. Monetary Policy and Financial Institutions: The Future of the Fed: New Economy Versus Inflation-targeting; Monetary Policy and Interest Rates; The Savings Glut; Beating the Market; Don’t Worry: Your Deposits are Insured. International Trade and Finance: The Opposition to Free Trade; The $750,000 Job; The Trade Revolution in Textiles; The Trade Deficit; The Dollar versus the Euro: Winner Take All?

For all readers interested in macroeconomic issues.