Robin Hopper Ceramics: A Lifetime of Works, Ideas and Techniques

Robin Hopper Ceramics: A Lifetime of Works, Ideas and Techniques

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Appeals to the international ceramics community - including more than 8,000 members of The American Ceramic Society

Easy-to-understand techniques and inspiring ideas from an internationally known master artist, teacher and arts activist

Brilliant full-color photos showcase finished pieces, ideas and instructions ceramists can easily apply to their own work

Master artist Robin Hopper opens the door to his more than 50-year exploration of ceramics, and ceramists from every area of the field benefit from this intriguing "best of" guide. Through Hopper's innovative insight and personal reflection, ceramists learn the "hows" and "whys" behind his artistry. The book also provides a portrait of the artist, and the fascinating journey of his life, presenting readers with a true compilation of this master artists' life work. This book: *Brings ceramists into the mind of a renowned artist, inspiring and encouraging artists to push themselves further in their work *Introduces readers to the man within the legendary artist *Inspires ceramic artists on topics including form, surface, function, design, development and themes

This is the one book every ceramic artist should have in their studio to inspire, educate and encourage them to always explore!