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Dimensions of Inequality in Canada (Equality, Security, Community)

Dimensions of Inequality in Canada (Equality, Security, Community)

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Canada is commonly portrayed as becoming a more and more polarized society. At the same time, Canadians perceive their nation as kind-hearted, and pride themselves on taking better care of the disadvantaged than their neighbors to the south. This groundbreaking volume closely examines these differeing views through a careful analysis of the causes, trends, and dimensions of inequality to provide an overall assessment of the state of inequality in Canada. The contributions from leading economists, sociologists, philosophers, and political scientists provide frameworks for thinking about inequality, original analyses using Canadian data, and assessments of significant policy issues, methodologies, and research agendas. Topics include inequalities in economic, labor, health, and political and social participation, which are influenced by factors such as family status, gender, age, ethnicity, and language. An invaluable source of information for policy makers, researchers, and students form a broad variety of disciplines, Dimensions of Inequality in Canada will also appeal to readers interested or involved in public debates over inequality.