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Managing Investment Portfolios Workbook: A Dynamic Process

Managing Investment Portfolios Workbook: A Dynamic Process

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In the Third Edition of "Managing Investment Portfolios", financial experts |ohn Maginn, Donald Tuttle, Jerald Pinto, and Dennis McLeavey provide complete coverage of the most important issues surrounding modern portfolio management.
Now, in "Managing Investment Portfolios Workbook: A Dynamic Process", Third Edition, they offer you a wealth of practical information and exercises that will solidify your understanding of the tools and techniques associated with this discipline. This comprehensive study guide - which parallels the main book chapter by chapter - contains challenging problems and a complete set of solutions as well as concise learning outcome statements and summary overviews.
Topics reviewed include:
  • The portfolio management process and the investment policy statement.
  • Managing individual and institutional investor portfolios.
  • Capital market expectations, fixed income, equity, and alternative investment portfolio management.
  • Monitoring and rebalancing a portfolio.
  • Global investment performance standards.
  • 3 edition.