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From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live By

From the Heart: Seven Rules to Live By

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We often hear that success requires pushing the boundaries, coloring outside the lines, stepping on toes, and breaking all the rules. But some rules are so critical they arenA?€™t meant to be broken. In this, her first book, perennially popular Good Morning America host Robin Roberts reveals the 7ules that she has always honored on her road to success. Illustrated with stories from her work, her family, and her faith, she explains how deceptively simple maxims like A?€œNever lose sight of the Big PictureA?€ and A?€œGive people the benefit of the doubtA?€ are both deeply meaningful and crucial to happiness and genuine accomplishment. Combined with a good dose of RobinA?€™s trademark humor, warmth, and honesty, this book will be required reading for college graduates, GMA fans, and anyone who needs an infusion of sincere inspiration.