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On the Market: Strategies for a Successful Academic Job Search

On the Market: Strategies for a Successful Academic Job Search

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"All graduate students in the social sciences and humanities should be given a copy of Sandra Barnes's On the Market on the day that they start graduate school. This book not only tells one how to navigate the job market, but is an excellent guide to planning an academic career."
--Kenneth J. Meier, Texas A&M University

"A wonderful array of wide-ranging suggestions and strategies. The presentation of timelines, outlines for paper presentations and publications, CVs, and teaching portfolios are invaluable.... not only highly useful for graduate students, but also an excellent addition to departmental professional resource libraries."
--Davita Silfen Glasberg, University of Connecticut

Sandra Barnes presents both big-picture strategic thinking and nuts-and-bolts suggestions to help junior scholars obtain satisfying academic employment in today's highly competitive market.

Features of On the Market include:
* easy-to-read checklists for navigating the search process
* clues to "reading between the lines" of job postings
* practical advice on preparing the "paperwork": CVs, teaching portfolios, conference papers, journal articles, etc.
* no-nonsense tips--the "dos and don'ts"--for a variety of interview settings
* frank discussion of both the professional and the personal aspects of any job search
* attention to the concerns of nontraditional and underrepresented groups
* guidance for untenured scholars who want to switch jobs

Written in a straightforward and pragmatic manner, this rich resource will help scholars identify their ideal job--and then land it.