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Cartels (International Library of Critical Writings in Economics)

Cartels (International Library of Critical Writings in Economics)

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`Salant and Levenstein have brought together a dominant position in the English-language literature on cartels. This collection should be on the bookshelf of every economist seriously interested in competition policy.'
- F.M. Scherer, Harvard University, US

`Issues of cartel formation, cartel stability and cartel detection have long been at the center of the study of industrial organization and the design and enforcement of regulatory policy. These volumes provide an invaluable collection of the most important articles in this field. They make accessible a number of important historical pieces and also provide a nice mix of theory and empiricism. They should form a standard reference for those interested in industrial organization in general and regulation in particular.'
- George Norman, Tufts University, US

61 articles, dating from 1890 to 2005
Contributors include: D. Abreu, S. Borenstein, G. Ellison, J.E. Harrington, G.D. Libecap, R.H. Porter, P. Rey, M.E. Slade, J. Stiglitz, V.Y. Suslow